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Lecture: The Eichmann Trial: A lesson learned? By Gabriel Bach

The trial of Adolf Eichmann 50 years ago in Jerusalem was a cornerstone in international law. This month, Arzi - the Israeli Voice in the Netherlands,
will host the man who prosecuted Eichmann, Holocaust survivor and former justice of the Israeli Supreme Court, Gabriel Bach.
bach Justice Bach will hold his lecture on the Eichmann Trial at the House of Amsterdam on March 27 at 8pm.

Gabriel Bach was born in1927 in Halberstadt, Germany. His family fled to Amsterdam in 1938 before fleeing to Palestine in 1940. Since 1953, Bach served in different duties in the Israeli Ministry of Justice until 1982, when he was appointed justice of the Israeli Supreme Court. At a later stage in his career, Justice Bach was also involved in the Demjanjuk trial.

Cost: 5€ per person (payment at the door)

*due to limited number of seats please confirm your attendance in advance via email to


Krav maga brought to you by Maccabi

The Israeli ambassador, Haim Divon, wil lattend and introduce a first time boxing and kickboxing match by the European Maccabi Confederation. Yalla krav maga!
Share your martial arts knowledge and meet the best fighters of the world who will attend this tournament.
The games begin at 13:00 on Sunday.

For details, mail: or