Holland has 10,000 Israelis, who believe in their Jewish and democratic homeland and support its attempts to reach peace.

Arzi ("my land") is their political voice.



Arzi is a Zionist, pro-Israel group. Arzi believes that the Jewish people have a right to self-determination and self rule through the State of Israel in the Land of Israel. Arzi supports Israel's Law of Return.

Arzi is committed to the democratic principles of the State of Israel as stated in its declaration of independence.

Arzi believes in territorial compromise entailing Israel concessions of control of parts of Judea and Samaria as a tool to settle the conflict with the Palestinians, and of parts of the Golan to settle the dispute with Syria.

Arzi regard the two-state solution (a Jewish state: Israel and a Palestinian state) as the only natural and just solution for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Arzi rejects any move which could seriously undermine Israel's survivability, security and/or international status as a Jewish Democratic country.

Arzi opposes any attempts to boycott Israel in any forum. Arzi views the delgitimization of Israel's right to exist immoral, discriminatory and illegitimate.

Arzi supports further advancement of ethnical minorities within Israel (Palestinian Israelis, Bedouins, Druze, Circassians.) Arzi recognizes and supports their rights as equal citizens and aspires to empower these minorities to make optimal use of these rights.

Arzi believes in dialogue and free discourse and therefore reserves the right to agree or disagree with elements or principles of the policies of Israeli and/or Dutch governments, parties and other entities.

Arzi believes in the importance of national service (military as well as civilian) by Israeli citizens of their country.

Arzi is committed to standing up to antisemitism whether it appears in local fora in the Netherlands, Israel and/or Arab countries.


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27.03.12 Justice Gabriel Bach, the man who prosecuted Adolf Eichmann 50 years ago, is speaking to Arzi at the House of Amsterdam.
16.03.12 The Israeli ambassador, Haim Divon, wil lattend and introduce a first time boxing and kickboxing match by the European Maccabi Confederation.